Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GoOd ThInGS CoMe tO a EnD

Blogging has became quiet popular with both young and older adults. One might wonder if blogging has or will become the new Columbus dispatch and be known as the Blogger’s dispatch.  Is it possible; can you see it? 


Today blogging is an uncensored social network where people can post personal information online and express their personal views without fears of counterpoint.  They can post their information freely and don’t have to worry about their information being biased by potentially unethical reporters.


If you really think about it our society is probably not that far away  from changing the way we think about how we view and use our communication tools.  The hardcopy newspaper used to be the standard method of media.  It allows a large readership to understand what was going on in the world, in the local communities and in personal lives.  The first signs of transformation was the news on the internet, newspapers on line and now there is blogging.  As a result of both long times newspaper’s are closing their doors or dramatically reducing their circulation.  People are posting blogs displaying their version of the news to support the way they think. 


The blog that I’m following is called “And by ‘Reduce’ you mean.?”  The authors of the blog got arrested in Birmingham, Alabama  for handing out posters in front of a school.  The posted videos on their blog supporting their position that they did nothing wrong by standing in front of a school handing out posters.   The fact the blog format allowed them to become their own reporters is very impressive, however a little scary because it is a biased report that some people may take as factual.  In another blog I previewed “Become your own reporter”.  talks about what really happens in the news.  The blog is focused on contradicting articles featured on CNN or ABC.  In reviewing comments about this blog other people also commented that they thought the blog was true about the view of CNC or ABC news. To validate this just type the blog site into Goggle and you will find many people think the news is just  based on what people are paid to say.


Techniques used to get people to read your blog is to keep it updated and put as much factual, verifiable information as possible.  If you don’t update your blog it will become stale and people will lose interest.  People will stop referring to your blog as a good place to find information.  


The types of people you get to read a blog is a different thing. Blog readers come from all walks of life.  Some are well educated, some are solid factory workers and some are stay at home parents.  They are old, young and in between.  You may get people that don’t agree with your blog and you get people that agree whole heartily with it.  It’s just like  the news on TV.  Everything on the news is the same, a lot of different viewers and a lot of different opinions.  Who actually gets interviewed for the news that doesn’t agree with the topic their covering. At least with blogging you get real people’s opinion, not just somebody who gets paid for what they say.  There is no indication that everything on the news is untrue, but one does have to wonder the true value or full disclosure sometimes.  Become your own reporter look up your information.  An example is when they talk about the launch of the space shuttle being delayed, but never mentioned the fact that there was a severe gas leak.    While our nation is glad the astronauts are okay,  one has to wonder as our economy continues to spiral downward and is about to reach an all time low and they are reporting a launch that didn’t go the way they planned. 


Blog’s can affect our way of life because we can get bias point of views.  If we aren’t careful we could be lead to the wrong conclusion, believing what other people say through their biased eyes.  This could be dangerous because we all make decisions based on what we think is factual information. It’s very important  to make sure that if you get your information from a blog you make sure it’s true.


Well recently I have found out that I have to have a major surgery.  One day my colon just stopped working and as a result I may have to have my large intestine removed.  (it is not going to be very pleasant)  I have been looking up what other people have experience after having the surgery and I have come across a website that isn’t true.   On this website they talk about people having to clean out a bag and that’s not true.  I have talked to a doctor and found out that nothing I have been reading is true.  That these people don’t know what they are talking about thank goodness.


This just demonstrates that not everything is true.  That’s why you have to make sure you check on your research.  There are many resources on the internet; that’s why people should always check the facts at a reliable online source.


So will blogs ever replace the standard newspapers?  Well newspapers probably in a different format like web delivery will likely survive.  While biased they do provide a reasonably factual, verifiable accounting of events.  They sometimes leave out some of the details, but for the most part they can be validated.  Blogs on the other hand will also survive as a new source of entertainment and a way to promote social interaction.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WhaT To THInK?

In english class we were assigned to pick a topic and we have to write about the topic for 10 weeks.  One of the weeks it wasn't use writing on our blog it was one of our class mates.  We had to read what their blog was about; then write as if we are them.  I found it very interesting.

I wasn't sure how i felt about putting another words on my blog. Although it is very good for other opnions ,but abortion is a very touchy topic.  I don't want to put another peoples words on my blog. I wouldn't mind if i had another topic for my blog.  My topic is very differcult to talk about.  Especially if a boy wrote on it.  I think men have the same views as women.  Maybe i wouldn't care if it was a girl.  Maybe they would have the same views as i do.  Men don't care if it doesn't involve them. 


I know that's mean to say or may bias, but to me i think that is true.  I don't have anything to prove my opinion.  Women have to go through the most trauma.  

Well my final words for someone to write on my blog is i like it if it was a different topic.  I like other peoples views.  Don't get me wrong i just think that other peoples vies on this topic should be kept to them self.  Don't get me wrong i do like when people comment on my blog though.

Friday, March 6, 2009

guest blogger experiment

The moral and mental parameters surrounding abortion are a Grand Canyon apart, yet they’re the same masked villain staring us in the face.  There are many different reasons one my get an abortion let it be medical, mentally not ready, or embarrassment of people finding out you had sex. 


People also have opinions on the matter so say it’s a woman’s right to have this choice; others say its murder no ifs and or buts.  I'm not going to condone it or approve of it, it all depends on the circumstances the surround the incident.  If it’s medical then by all means it’s ok, if its embarrassment you should have thought that through before doing the dirty, dirty unprotected or sloppily. If your one whom was protected and did conceive, you got to wonder if there’s something bigger at play, or you just do it like rabbits and increase your odds in favor of the .01% chance of pregnancy.


I'll just say one more thing on the subject, if you’re considering it just out of embarrassment, or because you don't want a child.  Think what could come from that kid, for the world’s sake.  The child could be the person who finds a cure for cancer, or maybe the next president (one to solve the problems of his or her times.) 


Think about it …..