Friday, March 6, 2009

guest blogger experiment

The moral and mental parameters surrounding abortion are a Grand Canyon apart, yet they’re the same masked villain staring us in the face.  There are many different reasons one my get an abortion let it be medical, mentally not ready, or embarrassment of people finding out you had sex. 


People also have opinions on the matter so say it’s a woman’s right to have this choice; others say its murder no ifs and or buts.  I'm not going to condone it or approve of it, it all depends on the circumstances the surround the incident.  If it’s medical then by all means it’s ok, if its embarrassment you should have thought that through before doing the dirty, dirty unprotected or sloppily. If your one whom was protected and did conceive, you got to wonder if there’s something bigger at play, or you just do it like rabbits and increase your odds in favor of the .01% chance of pregnancy.


I'll just say one more thing on the subject, if you’re considering it just out of embarrassment, or because you don't want a child.  Think what could come from that kid, for the world’s sake.  The child could be the person who finds a cure for cancer, or maybe the next president (one to solve the problems of his or her times.) 


Think about it …..

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  1. WOW thats kinda harsh maybe it could be for other reason....think about that...