Thursday, March 12, 2009

WhaT To THInK?

In english class we were assigned to pick a topic and we have to write about the topic for 10 weeks.  One of the weeks it wasn't use writing on our blog it was one of our class mates.  We had to read what their blog was about; then write as if we are them.  I found it very interesting.

I wasn't sure how i felt about putting another words on my blog. Although it is very good for other opnions ,but abortion is a very touchy topic.  I don't want to put another peoples words on my blog. I wouldn't mind if i had another topic for my blog.  My topic is very differcult to talk about.  Especially if a boy wrote on it.  I think men have the same views as women.  Maybe i wouldn't care if it was a girl.  Maybe they would have the same views as i do.  Men don't care if it doesn't involve them. 


I know that's mean to say or may bias, but to me i think that is true.  I don't have anything to prove my opinion.  Women have to go through the most trauma.  

Well my final words for someone to write on my blog is i like it if it was a different topic.  I like other peoples views.  Don't get me wrong i just think that other peoples vies on this topic should be kept to them self.  Don't get me wrong i do like when people comment on my blog though.


  1. Yea, this is a touchy subject and everyone def has there own opinion, I know I do, I dont like to talk about it because mine is usually dif then everyone else's.
    Nice blog!
    Hope you made it into Derek's 110 class!

  2. haha thats true. when you're trying to prove a point you don't want to mix it with some one elses opinions.

  3. Quite true, because I didnt know what to exspect when Derek told us we were writing blogs for someone else. Its fun to think about what they are going to say, but then again you worry that they are going to make your blog sound stupid.

  4. when i got the news we had to write about someone else blog i did not know what to think because i thought i was going to have someone i did not know what to say anything on.. but writing as someone else can be hard because you have to fill their shoes and if you got a big feet like me you can fill someone shoes of a size ..