Thursday, February 26, 2009

AshAmEd, EmBArRAsSeD, DiSgRACed

Does anybody think about the fetus.  We don’t know if they hurt or feel pain.  We don’t know that when they do the procedure the baby/fetus doesn’t feel it.  I can’t believe that people that do the procedure doesn’t think about that.  They might but we aren’t sure.  I think it is stupid to not think like that.  My middle sister still doesn’t’ speck to my sister how had the abortion.  That makes me upset because we all use to be very close.  Now it is just me and Christine that are very close which is my sister that is not talking to my sister that had an abortion.             


What makes me mad is that my older sister doesn’t care about what she has done.  She has it in her head that she did nothing wrong.  Now I know I said that I stand by her and I agree with decision but now I don’t know.   I don’t know if I can stick up for her action in more because I found out that the reason she told me and my family isn’t true.  The real reason is because she didn’t want to get fat anymore.  GGGRRRRRR! That makes me so mad.  Only if you could see my face when she said that.  I was so mad.  I believe that women if really have a medical issue then that’s different, but may you should have consulted a doctor before you decided to get pregnant.  (My opinion)  I’m a shamed that I actually believed her.  There are women out there that have that problem and OMG that makes me so mad that she faked it.  I don’t feel sorry for her anymore.  She is a bartender thats all she cares about is that and I’m kind of glad that she didn’t have another baby she doesn’t take care of the one she has now.  I just think about the baby she actually killed.  She is a spineless baby killer.  Don’t get me wrong I love my sister and nothing will ever change that.  The things she does just makes me so mad.  I can’t stand to look at her anymore.  I just can’t believe that she doesn’t even think about the baby she killed.  She mad all that up.  She went to the library and looked up clinically depressed and she faked it (trust me  she did it very well too)  It just makes me so upset . (which I said before ,but it just makes me so bad) 


Now that I know the truth about my sister you can judge her now.  I’m tried of  backing her up.   I was the last one to know and she didn’t even have the guts to tell me.  I found out by Christine my middle sister she knew something was up ,but didn’t’ tell anybody.  I’m so sad.


  1. Some pretty strong feelings in your blog. I don't know how I feel about abortion, I guess it's one of those things to where you have to be in that position to understand or have an opinion on it. I can however say that I have two older brothers and we are all very close. They both have done some stupid things in their lives and really you just have to move on, you can't change the past. Forgive and Forget - easier said than done and I'm sure the position you are in, is just way too different. Best of luck.

  2. Ya know you should't hate people becasue they had an abartion. She could have just said she didn't want to get fat because she is scared to tell the real reason.

  3. my family is upset with my sister because she was faking it the whole time. It just made us upset and we couldn't believe that she would do that to her own family